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Author: Robert Amey

Robert Amey

Joined In Mar 2022

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Robert Amey 1 Reviews
Hugely disappointment and frustrating

I followed all the required procedures of my booking including confirming with the owner the day before. The owner explained he would be there in the morning, The gate would be unlocked and I'd be able.to drive in. When I arrived at the site at 1200noon as arranged, the gate was locked and the owner had forgotten the booking. I was therefore unable to park my car near the pitch as advertised and Instead was directed to park my car temporarily on a grass verge (on the junction of two country lanes) and a woodland Trust entrance, by the owner over the phone as he was unable to attend at that time but stated he would be along in the afternoon. Instead he said I could walk in to the site with my gear. This was awkward as i had packed expecting to be near the pitch as stated in the advert (Pitch Up advert), rather than in a ruck sack. Therefore I had to carry several bags and loose items over a fair distance around 500 plus metres via a mud track. I set up camp and settled in for a couple of hours . By 1600 I decided to walk back to my car to get a phone signal to check with the owner when he would arrive. At this point the owner informed me he couldn't attend after all. As I was unable to leave my car in the vulnerable position overnight the owner had directed me to. He offered a refund and I accepted. This was enormously frustrating as it meant I had to break camp pack everything away and carry it all back along the track to my car. On getting the car loaded up I found the place the owner directed me to park in was too soft and the car had sunk in and I was unable to move. I recontact the owner who refused to attend. Leaving me stranded with only the suggestion I should get a passer by to help however it was a very remote location and I explained there was no one around and not likely to be. The owner still refused to attend and therefore I was stranded. After being stuck for some hours the situation was eventually recovered with NO help at all from the owner. Please see photo below of the verge I was directed to park on by the owner. While my experience was frustrating and disappointing the owner belatedly refunded though not without offering some abusive text messages. His negative comments / responses like that below are to be expected any kind of apology not so. None has been received , not for the sheer waste of time fuel and inconvenience caused. If this is his attitude to campers I'd stay away! I didn't expect more than was in his advert. Receiving a service you have paid for is what you expect not the abusive response following his failure to supply his advertised service. The setting is nice shame about the owner. Michael may i suggest you have a back up when you decide to go off elsewhere and not leave people completely in the lurch in future. Looking into your historic reviews on Pitch up I see my experience is not the only one!

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